New book: Functionality of Cyclodextrins in Encapsulation for Food Applications

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The book published by Springer in September 2021 and edited by Ho, T.M., Hidefumi, Y., Terao, K. and Bhandari, B.R.  fills the gap for academics in the encapsulation field and for industry professionals who want to gain a solid understanding of encapsulation functionality of cyclodextrin powders. The book consists of 16 chapters in which chapter 1 introduces cyclodextrin properties and its applications in food processing, and chapters 2-16 explore applications of cyclodextrin in encapsulation for many guest compounds. These compounds include gases, flavors, colors, pigments, polyphenols (plant bioactive compounds), essential oils, lipids (cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids), vitamins, fruit ripening controlling compounds, and antifungal and antimicrobial compounds. These chapters also discuss functionalities of cyclodextrin in packaging, masking off-flavor and off-taste, and as dietary fiber.

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