Chewable formulations – recent reviews

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Since their introduction, chewable dosage forms have gained traction due to their ability to facilitate swallowing, especially in paediatric, geriatric and dysphagia patients. Their benefits stretch beyond human use to also include veterinary applications, improving administration and palatability in different animal species. [1] It can be taken without water and used for improved patient compliance, suitable to be administered to patients with swallowing difficulties, especially to children and geriatric patients. It can be utilized for drug administration locally, such as fluoride-containing gum for dental carries prophylaxes or systemically such as silver acetate and nicotine gum for smoking cessation.[2]

Recently 3 reviews have been published on chewing formulations [1-3]. CD is not mentioned in [1] and [2], but dextrin as a carrier in [3]. In the CycloLab’s list of marketed drugs there are 4 active ingredients in CD enabled chewing formulations:

DrugCDTrade NameDosage formCompany
Acetaminophen Chewable Gels/ ParacetamolTablet, chewable7T Pharma, USA  
CetirizineBCDZyrtec/WalZyr/RevicetChewing tablet/OD tablet/dry syrupLosan Pharma/ UCB Pharma, Sandoz, Walgreen
Stada-Travel/ FirstCare – Children’s Allergy ReliefChewing tabletStada/ FirstCare
TabletPierre Fabre
  NicogumChewing gumPfizer


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