Are the cyclodextrins sweet?

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A recent study surprisingly found that cyclodextrins are percepted by the sweet taste receptors [1].

Taste detection of cyclodextrins (α-, β-, and γ-CD) in the presence and absence of lactisole, a sweet receptor antagonist was tested.(A total of 27 subjects (18 females, 9 males) between 20 and 58 years of age (mean = 30 years old) were recruited from the Oregon State University campus.) It was found that subjects could detect the taste of cyclodextrins in aqueous solutions at a significant level (P < 0.05), but were not able to detect them in the presence of lactisole (P > 0.05). These findings suggest that the cyclodextrins, unlike their linear analogs, are ligands of the human sweet taste receptor, hT1R2/hT1R3.

Cyclodextrin used to be considered tasteless (at least compared to really sweet fructose, glucose and sucrose) [2,3] or slightly sweet [4].

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