CyDing Co., Ltd. (Japan) has released new concept seasonings “DONMAIN”.

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CyDing Co., Ltd. is a Japanese healthcare company that handles cyclodextrins. CyDing Co., Ltd. is a certified company by Kumamoto University, Japan, and develops cyclodextrin-based APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, research reagents, foods, etc.

In May 2021, CyDing Co., Ltd. has released a new concept seasoning “DONMAIN”. DONMAIN contains α-cyclodextrin, and is tasteless and odorless. When you sprinkle DONMAIN on the dish during or after cooking, α-cyclodextrin traps excess fats and inhibits the absorption of the fats. Namely, DONMAIN is a seasoning for health, not for taste, termed as “healthy-soning”.

Thereafter, CyDing Co., Ltd. has also released other DONMAIN series which improve both health and flavours, namely 塩 sio (salt), 胡椒 kosho (pepper) and 一味 ichimi (chilli).

Dr. Hirotsu, president of CyDing Co., Ltd., says “We hope that DONMAINs contribute to health of people all over the world”.

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