Happy 70th Birthday, Lajos!

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CycloLab celebrates birthday of L. Szente (70), former CEO

Lajos Szente has been contributing to the development of the global and Hungarian cyclodextrin research from the very beginning. As one of the first co-workers of Professor Szejtli, he made already his PhD (1979) on cyclodextrins, which was a start of a life-long engagement to these peculiar molecules. He participated in the establishment and management of CycloLab (1987-2004) as the deputy of Jozsef Szejtli. In the subsequent 14 years, when he was the CEO, the company was transformed from a small R&D company specialized in cyclodextrin research and development to a manufacturer of a cyclodextrin derivative (sulfobutyl ether beta-cyclodextrin) with authorization from FDA, Health Canada and EudraGDMP.

Although an industrial researcher, he published an impressive number of scientific papers (146, Scopus database) with a h-index of 44 (Google Scholar). He is the inventor of 92 patent applications (Espacenet database). He has been an invited lecturer at several Hungarian universities and became honorary professor at Debrecen University. He was awarded by the American Chemical Society’s CARB Division with 2017 Derek Horton Award in Industrial Carbohydrate Chemistry.

We, the next generation at CycloLab are grateful to him not only for preserving the world-wide reputation of the company but also for his remarkable contribution, which made CycloLab the promising and rising company it is today. The best we can do now is to make all efforts to continue his legacy.

Congratulations again and we hope to have the chance to work with you for many more years to come!


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