Cyclolab and EpiPharma Form Joint Venture company Targetrin Therapeutics to Develop and Commercialize novel conjugated Cyclodextrin – Peptide drugs

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Cyclolab, the oldest, world renowned cyclodextrin research, development and manufacturing company, and EpiPharma, a bio-pharmaceutical services and peptide drug development company, today announced that the companies have signed an agreement to form a joint venture specialty pharmaceutical company to develop and commercialize novel conjugated Cyclodextrin – Peptide drug candidates for the treatment of debilitating CNS and Pulmonary diseases.

According to the agreement, the new joint venture will be named Targetrin Therapeutics LLC (Targetrin). Both founding companies will own 50 percent interest in the joint venture.

Targetrin will develop novel drug candidates through the unique combination of industry leading novel cyclodextrin R&D and cGMP manufacturing capabilities of Cyclolab and EpiPharma’s proteomimetic peptide chemistry platform. Targetrin also has access to EpiPharma’s diagnostics and research facilities including various 3D animal and patient-derived organoid culture models (established from a wide range of organs such as colon, oesophagus, stomach, liver and pancreas, lung, etc.), and in vitro and in vivo disease modelling.

“Cyclolab is a pioneer and a global leader in cyclodextrin science. We are confident that our partnership with Cyclolab will bring about breakthrough, novel conjugated CD-Peptide therapies for unmet medical needs that will help many patients suffering from debilitating CNS and Pulmonary diseases,” said Gábor Heltovics, President of EpiPharma.

“We are delighted to be working with EpiPharma, a unique company with state-of-the-art proteomimetic peptide chemistry science and comprehensive disease model diagnostic capabilities. This strategic collaboration is a tremendous opportunity to create novel discoveries leading to significant added value through new biological therapies”, said Tamás Sohajda, CEO of Cyclolab.

About EpiPharma LLC.

EpiPharma is a privately held bio-pharmaceutical services and drug development company.

The EpiPharma Group brings together breakthrough proteomimetic peptide chemistry and a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory from gene expression profiling to in vivo disease models.

The EpiPharma Services support clients and partners in their drug development programs and provide an unparalleled laboratory research environment for characterizing, testing and evaluating new potential treatment approaches.

The EpiPharma Drug unit develops Proteomimetic Peptide Drugs to treat major infectious diseases.

About Cyclolab Plc.

Cyclolab is a private SME with the focus on cyclodextrin research and development for over 30 years. Cyclolab is actively developing several programs in novel applications of cyclodextrins such as drug delivery systems (BBB permeation, targeted delivery, controlled release) and their uses as active ingredients (as CNS drugs, antivirals, antibacterials, anticancer agents, antidotes, etc.).

Cyclolab also creates innovative and added-value formulations with small molecules, design new cyclodextrins and manufacture them under GMP on the commercial scale.

With the unique and wide-spread expertise in cyclodextrin science, Cyclolab simultaneously acts as a commercial excipient manufacturer, service provider, fine chemical supplier and a pharmaceutical company.


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