Highlighting Organic Chemistry in The UK

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The workshop “Highlighting Organic Chemistry in The UK” will be held on Friday, 24th November 2023


PROGRAMME (Times are GMT+1; Ireland/UK Time; CET starting time is 9.15am)

8.15            Introduction –  Will Unsworth (United Kingdom Representative,
EuChemS Division of Organic Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry
Organic Community Council, Department of Chemistry, University of

8.30-9.00                       Steve Goldup (University of Birmingham)
The End of the Beginning of Mechanical Stereochemistry: Recognising and Synthesising the Fundamental Stereogenic Units of Rotaxanes and Catenanes”

9.00-9.30               Amanda Jarvis (University of Edinburgh)
                        “Using an Expanded Genetic Code to Access Artificial Metalloproteins”

9.30-10.00              Stephen Clark (University of Glasgow)
“Marine Polyethers: Synthesis in the World of Giants”

10.00-10.30     Rebecca Melen (Cardiff University)
                        “A Radical Approach to Frustrated Lewis Pairs”

10.30-11.00     Duncan Browne (University College London)
“Exploring the Different Scales of Mechanochemistry”

11.00-11.30     Ai-Lan Lee (Heriot Watt University)
“Decarboxylative Radical Functionalisations: Minisci and Giese”

11.30-12.00             Ed Tate (Imperial College London)
“Chemical Biology and Protein Modification”

12.00                   Closing Remarks: Pat Guiry, President, EuChemS Division of
Organic Chemistry

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