Cyclodextrins as Multi-Functional Ingredients in Dentistry

Cyclodextrins are present in a variety of oral hygiene compositions. You could be brushing your teeth with a cyclodextrin toothpaste without even having noticed it!

The most recently published review paper of Dr Susana Braga describes the role of cyclodextrins in several fields related to dental care and repair. Highlight is given to the presence of cyclodextrins in several products that are already in the market, such as toothpastes and mouthwashes. A good number of these products is focused on the use natural ingredients, which employ cyclodextrins as an obvious choice for their safety and well-known natural origin.

The potential of applications of cyclodextrins in dental repair is quite vast, and there are already many studies in the literature reporting their use in a plethora of new materials and procedures. The second part of the review describes how cyclodextrins are being used to develop materials with superior performance in various techniques of dental repair, such as fillings, cements and binders therein. The role of the cyclodextrins in each of the innovative materials is presented.

Finally, the third part of the review presents novel cyclodextrin-based delivery systems for the oral cavity with focus on new cyclodextrin molecules with dual action as bone-targeting agents and osteogenic drugs, and on new cross-linked cyclodextrin particles with a high drug loading and sustained drug delivery profile for the treatment of diseases that require prolonged action, such as periodontitis. In conclusion, cyclodextrins are emerging ingredients in the field of dentistry, demonstrated to act as versatile and multi-action ingredients with a broad range of applications and benefits.

Braga, S.S. Cyclodextrins as Multi-Functional Ingredients in Dentistry. Pharmaceutics 202315, 2251.

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