Cyclodextrins as building blocks for new materials; Special issue in Beilstein J. Org. Chem.

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The present thematic issue aims to offer a wide and advanced collection of papers on the use of cyclodextrins as building blocks for the construction and synthesis of innovative materials and efficient supramolecular systems. This includes deep eutectic solvents, metal–organic frameworks, electrochemical sensors, polymers, and many more. Research on the functionalization and modification of materials using cyclodextrins is also covered in this issue. Moreover, original and green methods to prepare classical cyclodextrin-based materials and inclusion complexes as well as studies of the encapsulation phenomenon are welcome.


Cyclodextrins as building blocks for new materials. (Editorial) 
Kfoury, M.; Fourmentin, S. Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2023, 19, 889–891. doi:10.3762/bjoc.19.66

Cyclodextrin-based Schiff base pro-fragrances: Synthesis and release studies
Attila Palágyi, Jindřich Jindřich, Juraj Dian and Sophie Fourmentin
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2022, 18, 1346–1354, doi:10.3762/bjoc.18.140

A study of the DIBAL-promoted selective debenzylation of α-cyclodextrin protected with two different benzyl groups
Naser-Abdul Yousefi, Morten L. Zimmermann and Mikael Bols
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2022, 18, 1553–1559, doi:10.3762/bjoc.18.165

Preparation of β-cyclodextrin-based dimers with selectively methylated rims and their use for solubilization of tetracene
Konstantin Lebedinskiy, Volodymyr Lobaz and Jindřich Jindřich
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2022, 18, 1596–1606, doi:10.3762/bjoc.18.170

Inclusion complexes of the steroid hormones 17β-estradiol and progesterone with β- and γ-cyclodextrin hosts: syntheses, X-ray structures, thermal analyses and API solubility enhancements
Alexios I. Vicatos, Zakiena Hoossen and Mino R. Caira
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2022, 18, 1749–1762, doi:10.3762/bjoc.18.184

Preparation of β-cyclodextrin/polysaccharide foams using saponin
Max Petitjean and José Ramón Isasi
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2023, 19, 78–88, doi:10.3762/bjoc.19.7

Insight into oral amphiphilic cyclodextrin nanoparticles for colorectal cancer: comprehensive mathematical model of drug release kinetic studies and antitumoral efficacy in 3D spheroid colon tumors
Sedat Ünal, Gamze Varan, Juan M. Benito, Yeşim Aktaş and Erem Bilensoy
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2023, 19, 139–157, doi:10.3762/bjoc.19.14

Continuous flow synthesis of 6-monoamino-6-monodeoxy-β-cyclodextrin
János Máté Orosz, Dóra Ujj, Petr Kasal, Gábor Benkovics and Erika Bálint
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2023, 19, 294–302, doi:10.3762/bjoc.19.25

Discrimination of β-cyclodextrin/hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) oil/flavonoid glycoside and flavonolignan ternary complexes by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy coupled with principal component analysis
Nicoleta G. Hădărugă, Gabriela Popescu, Dina Gligor (Pane), Cristina L. Mitroi, Sorin M. Stanciu and Daniel Ioan Hădărugă
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2023, 19, 380–398, doi:10.3762/bjoc.19.30

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