Review on cyclodextrin encapsulation and inteligent response  for  the release of curcumin 

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To overcome the low water solubility and low bioavailability of curcumin (CUR), multiple delivery strategies have been proposed. Among these, cyclodextrin-based carriers have been widely used for the encapsulation and delivery of CUR. This paper summarizes the recently reported CD-based carriers for encapsulating CUR. Particularly, the polymerization properties of CD self-assembly to enhance the encapsulation of CUR are discussed. In addition, the current progress on stimuli-responsive CD carriers for controlled release of CUR is described, which laid an important foundation for the development of CUR-based precision therapy in clinical practice. In conclusion, this review may provide ideas for the future development of a CD-based encapsulant for CUR.

Li, J.; Xu, F.; Dai, Y.; Zhang, J.; Shi, Y.; Lai, D.; Sriboonvorakul, N.; Hu, J. A Review of Cyclodextrin Encapsulation and Intelligent Response for the Release of Curcumin. Polymers 202214, 5421.

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