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The 800 posts published during the 3.5 years of Cyclodextrin News blog has attracted all together 66 413 visits and 118 158 clicks according to WordPress statistics. The most popular posts are listed below:

  • 10th Annual Congress of Nano Science and Technology-2020 (Nano S&T-2020) (Nov. 2019; 1805 clicks)
  • EMA’s recommendation on compassionate use of SBECD-enabled remdesivir for COVID-19 and Update from Gilead (Apr. 2020; 1083 clicks)
  • How air fresheners work? (Oct. 2018; 965 clicks)
  • Nasal delivery with beta-cyclodextrin is approved; a short story of Baqsimi (Feb. 2020; 902 clicks)
  • Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Explains Why New Study in New England Journal of Medicine May Point To Nitric Oxide as Successful Treatment For COVID-19 (Jul. 2020; 820 clicks)
  • Wacker on cyclodextrins in the COVID fight (Jul. 2020; 772 clicks)
  • Gilead uses SBECD-enabled remdesivir (GS-5734) for treating the first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in the United States (Feb. 2020; 712 clicks)
  • International Cyclodextrin Symposium 2020 (Mar. 2019; 689 clicks)
  • HPBCD is a unique component in Janssen’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate (Feb. 2021; 669 clicks)
  • Different cyclodextrins to treat NPC (Aug. 2018; 589 clicks)
  • Cyclodextrin in ice cream (Jul. 2019; 506 clicks)

The number of clicks topped in 2020 due to the high interest in the potential role of cyclodextrins in the pandemic (see Fig. below).

The number of clicks to the posts of the Cyclodextrin news blog according to countries and years

We hope to keep your interest also in 2022, and

wish you a safe and happy new year!

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