Chapter 3: Professor Casu and Cyclodextrins

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Chapter 3 in the recently published book on the history of cyclodextrin is on Professor Benito Casu (1927-2016), who was an eminent scientist in carbohydrate chemistry and made fundamental research on cyclodextrins, too. He has published the first NMR studies on cyclodextrins. He suggested a common shape of glucopyranose rings in the chair C1 conformation and the presence of hydrogen bonds between the hydroxyl groups. In 1967, Professor Casu published the first perspective view of 2,6-dimethylated cyclodextrin. He has also synthesized various methylated and acetylated cyclodextrin derivatives. He has also studied the complex forming ability of the methylated derivatives with some n-alkanes and dyes, and the interaction with glycolipids.

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Torri, G., Naggi, A., Crini, G. (2020) Professor Casu and Cyclodextrins. In: Crini, G., Forurmentin, S., Lichtfouse, E. (eds.) The History of Cyclodextrins. Springer, New York. pp. 157-179.

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