Updating the state-of-the-art of Cyclodextrin applicability in Food Science

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When you think of cyclodextrins, you think of their great applicability as a drug carrier. However, its role in food science is much less well known but with a large number of applications. The team of Dr. López Nicolás (Murcia, Spain) has recently published a review about the different applications of CDs in Food Science [1]. This review summarizes the more recent works of CDs in different food science fields such as bioactive compound carrier, for removing components, to produce or extract bioactive compounds, their use as nanosensors or in food packaging. In this review, a list of market products with CDs is also available.

The versatility of cyclodextrins is wide and promising. As a consequence, several research groups are increasing the number of CDs for use in new applications. Novel applications are constantly being found due to a decreasing in the cost of this technology (CD production, protocols …), and, their application in the food industry will undoubtedly increase in forthcoming years.


[1] Matencio, A., Navarro-Orcajada, S., García-Carmona, F., & López-Nicolás, J. M. (2020). Applications of cyclodextrins in food science. A review. Trends in Food Science & Technology 104, 132–143 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tifs.2020.08.009

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