DIMEB in biotechnology

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Heptakis(2,6-di-O-methyl) beta-cyclodextrin is a single isomer with high solubility in cold water, but it crystallizes from water at increased temperatures. The DIMEB solutions can solubilize poorly soluble compounds such as fatty acids, cholesterol and steroid drugs. DIMEB can even extract cholesterol from the cell membrane.

It can enhance the solubility of complexed substrates (substitute detergents and co-solvents)

– At low concentration it does not damage the microbial cells or the enzymes

– It can intensify the enzymatic conversion of lipophilic substrates, e.g. 3-times enhanced conversion rate for cholesterol oxidation by R. erythropolis

DIMEB_biotransfDIMEB_biotransf2– It can improve the yield of product-inhibited fermentations, e.g. DIMEB increases pertussin toxin production 100-fold

DIMEB_biotransf3– Organic toxic compounds are tolerated by microbes in higher concentrations

– DIMEB complexes can substitute mammalian serum in tissue cultures

Cultivation of non-cultivable Mycobacterium leprae;

Serum substitutes for lymphoblast cells

– Unstable and/or insoluble proteins can be dissolved and stabilized in aqueous solution, e.g. insulin



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