Biodegradable antibacterial multilayer on polylactic acid-based food packaging

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Polylactic acid (PLLA) was internally blended with zinc oxide nanoparticles and chitosan and carboxyethyl BCD (CEBCD) layers were deposited by layer by layer. The antibacterial effect of the ZnO nanoparticles is combined with the effect of the antimicrobial agent such as carvacrol included into the BCD cavity. The aim of applying chitosan layer is to reduce the lipophilicity of PLLA and this way reducing adhesion of bacteria to the surface. The CEBCD layer has similar effect in addition to provide controlled release of the antibacterial agent with “contact killing” properties. The obtained biodegradable PLLA films combine bacteria adhesion resistance, inorganic bactericide effect, “contact killing” properties and antimicrobial/antioxidant active release.


  1. Andrade-Del Olmo, L. Pérez-Álvarez, E. Hernáez, L. Ruiz-Rubio, J.L. Vilas-Vilela Antibacterial multilayer of chitosan and (2-carboxyethyl)-β-cyclodextrin onto polylactic acid (PLLA). Food Hydrocolloids 88, 2019, 228-236



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