Therapeutic applications of nanobiotechnology

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In this article, there are explored and discussed the prominent nanobiotechnological methods and products such as nanocarriers, highlighted the features and challenges associated with these products, and attempted to conclude if available nanostructures offer any scope of improvement or enhancement. It was found that novel nanocarriers and nanostructures, such as nanocomposites, micelles, hydrogels, microneedles, and artificial cells, can address the associated challenges and inherited drawbacks, with help of conjugations, sustained and stimuli-responsive release, ligand binding, and targeted delivery. We recommend that nanobiotechnology, despite having few challenges and drawbacks, offers immense opportunities that can be harnessed in delivering quality therapeutics with precision and prediction.

Some CD-applying examples are mentioned, such as PEG conjugated with beta-Cyclodextrin with improved carrying and delivery of anticancer drugs (Doxorubicin and Sorafenib).

Dutt, Y., Pandey, R.P., Dutt, M. et al. Therapeutic applications of nanobiotechnology. J Nanobiotechnol 21, 148 (2023).

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