Alpha-cyclodextrin containing Japanese rice condiment

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CyDing corportation (a venture company originating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kumamoto University, Japan) in cooperation with Futaba Co., Ltd. has launched a new, alpha-cyclodextrin containing, fortified “furikake”. Furikake is a specialty seasoning product originating from Kumamoto prefecture usually prinkled on top of cooked rice, vegetables, and fish, or used as an ingredient in onigiri.

The health claims associated with the use of alpha-cyclodextrin (and supported by scientific evidence) are as follows:

  • normalizing triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • easing digestion discomfort
  • atherosclerosis prevention
  • enhanced sports endurance

You may access further information on this website:

Sprinkle on health!? Furikake for a new era created by a venture from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kumamoto University and a long-established manufacturer | GREENFUNDING


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