Green materials with promising applications: Cyclodextrins-based deep eutectic supramolecular polymers

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This tutorial review aims to summarize relevant definitions, properties, characterization, and applications of DESPs that have emerged from published studies.

Supramolecular polymers (SPs) based on macrocyclic host molecules as copolymer monomers are considered a promising class of advanced functional materials due to their satisfactory tunable properties and unique host-guest interactions. SPs have drawn considerable attention in chemistry and materials science. Deep eutectic solvents (DESs) have been developed as green solvents to supersede conventional organic solvents and ionic liquids (ILs). By referring to the unique formation mechanism and macroscopic properties of DESs, the strategy to develop solvent-free SPs by incorporating the concept of DES is considered feasible. Exploring and investigating the combination of DESs and macrocyclic host molecules (represented by cyclodextrins, CDs) to develop deep eutectic supramolecular polymers (DESPs) has been a novel subject in the last two years. Researchers have been preparing and investigating DESPs, including supramolecular deep eutectic solvents (SUPRADESs) based on CDs/CD derivatives, supramolecular deep eutectic adhesives/gels, and composite materials based on inorganic carrier-modified CDs formed with polymeric DES (PDES), and have conducted a preliminary exploration of their properties and applications.

Jingyu Zhang, Liping Yao, Shang Li, Shiqi Li, Yongsong Wu, Zu-Guang Li and Hongdeng Qiu: Green materials with promising applications: Cyclodextrins-based deep eutectic supramolecular polymers.Green Chem., 2023, Accepted Manuscript


Picture credit: Harada et al. Chem. Soc. Rev., 2009,38, 875-882. DOI

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