Cyclodextrin-based LCD display that tolerates temperature of boiling water.

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SUMITOMO CHEMICAL has applied for a patent which has been recently published (JP2023014531A) describing a liquid crystal display (LCDs) invention based on cyclodextrin technology. The conventional LCDs have a drawback of sensitivity to high temperatures. However, mobile phones and in-vehicle applications (such as car navigation systems) and various touch panel instruments with such display(s) are often exposed to harsh conditions. Sumitomo’s polarizing plate has a polarizing element in which a dichroic dye is adsorbed and oriented on a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer and a transparent protective film containing a compound having nitroxy radical/ group and a cyclodextrin. The model LCD panel well tolerated as high temperature as 105 Celsius, for extended period of time (240 hours). Unfortunately, the description and the claims are silent about which cyclodextrin worked the best for the aimed technological advance.

(Illustration: Yusak_P/Shutterstock)

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