New book: Functionality of Cyclodextrins in Encapsulation for Food Applications

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The book published by Springer in September 2021 and edited by Ho, T.M., Hidefumi, Y., Terao, K. and Bhandari, B.R. has the following chapters:

1 Properties of Cyclodextrins and Their Applications in Food Processing
Yoshiyuki Ishida and Thao M. Ho
2 Solid Encapsulation Method: Ethylene Gas Encapsulation into Amorphous Alpha-Cyclodextrin

Thao M. Ho, Kamornrath Sungkaprom, Binh T. Ho, and Bhesh R. Bhandari
3 Encapsulation of Gases
Thao M. Ho and Bhesh R. Bhandari
4 Encapsulation of Flavors
Thi Van Anh Nguyen and Hidefumi Yoshii
5 Encapsulation of Colors and Pigments
Afroza Sultana and Hidefumi Yoshii
6 Encapsulation of Polyphenols, Plant Bioactive Compounds
Diana Alves and Eva Pinho
7 Encapsulation of Essential Oils
Jaruporn Rakmai, Juan-Carlos Mejuto, Yaxin Sang, Seid Mahdi Jafari, Jianbo Xiao, and Jesus Simal-Gandara
8 Encapsulation of Lipids
Afroza Sultana and Hidefumi Yoshii
9 Encapsulation of Nutraceuticals and Vitamins
Yukiko Uekaji and Keiji Terao
10 Encapsulation of Antimicrobial Compounds
Adrián Matencio, Silvia Navarro-Orcajada, Francisco García-Carmona, and José Manuel López-Nicolás

11 Encapsulation for Packaging
Éva Fenyvesi, István Puskás, and Lajos Szente
12 Encapsulation for Masking Off-Flavor and Off-Tasting in Food Production
Lajos Szente, Tamás Sohajda, and Éva Fenyvesi
13 Alpha-Cyclodextrin Functions as a Dietary Fiber
Keita Chikamoto and Keiji Terao
14 Complexation of Ingredients in Foods by Alpha-Cyclodextrin to Improve Their Functions
Takahiro Furune and Keiji Terao
15 Fruit Packaging with 1-Methylcyclopropene Included in Alpha-Cyclodextrin
Hermawan D. Ariyanto and Hidefumi Yoshii
16 Encapsulation of Fruit Ripening Controlling Compounds
Chalida Cholmaitri, Apiradee Uthairatanakij, Natta Laohakunjit, and Bhesh R. Bhandari

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