The different possibilities of cyclodextrins to manage inflammation

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Inflammation is one of the usual biological responses to different pathologies or stimuli. As the incidence of inflammation related diseases is increasing, inflammation too and the field is vastly focused on pharmacological ways, not only drugs but also bioactive compounds, to control and resolve inflammatory response in multiple scenarios. In this issue, cyclodextrins (CDs) could make their contribution; their capacity to complex, stabilize and deliver the molecules, including their per se activity, might improve the therapy. In this context, the team of Dr. Francesco Trotta (Turin, Italy) and Dr. José Manuel López Nicolás (Murcia, Spain) has prepared a review about the basic, drugs and perspective of CDs in inflammation treatment [1].

Firstly, a short description of the inflammation disease (causes, symptoms, treatment…) is explained. This part was prepared in collaboration with an expert in Inflammation to facilitate understanding of biological pathways. Secondly, the effects of different CDs alone or forming inclusion complexes with drugs or bioactive compounds are discussed. Examples as HPγ-CD-diclofenac combination for treating eye inflammation or bioactive compounds as Resveratrol or Carvacrol are reviewed.

Remarkably, this review indicates a possible combinatorial effect where the drug is complexed with CDs against inflammation, opening up a new realm of other advanced applications expected to arise soon.

[1] Lucia Appleton, S., Navarro-Orcajada, S., Martínez-Navarro, F. J., Caldera, F., López-Nicolás, J. M., Trotta, F., & Matencio, A. (2021). Cyclodextrins as Anti-inflammatory Agents: Basis, Drugs and Perspectives. Biomolecules, 11(9), 1384..

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