Cyclodextrin, beyond drug vector: When the administration matters

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Cyclodextrin (CD) are classicaly know to be an excellent drug carrier although applications as active drug have been studied (orphan drug, antiviral, etc). However, there is no clear explanation about the increase of activity of drugs when they are administered by cyclodextrin. The team of Dr. Francesco Trotta (Turin, Italy) tried to obtain the possible explanation of this issue in his recent review “Cyclodextrin Monomers and Polymers for Drug Activity Enhancement” on polymers. Based on numerous studies reviewed, the drug appeared more active in a complex form because of increasing the stability and the establishment of a pure drug reservoir preventing its degradation by different physicochemical agents (pH, temperature, ROS). The increase of bioavailability seems to be justified by the increase of apparent solubility of the molecule. On the other hand, the intrinsic activity of CDs against some agents could generate an apparent increase of drug activity.

Remarkably, this review indicates that not only the concentration but also different bioactivities can be improved if the inclusion complex is formed opening up a new realm of other advanced applications expected to arise soon.

[1] Matencio, A., Hoti, G., Monfared, Y. K., Rezayat, A., Pedrazzo, A. R., Caldera, F., & Trotta, F. (2021). Cyclodextrin Monomers and Polymers for Drug Activity Enhancement. Polymers, 13(11), 1684.

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