Australian company pioneering Cavadextrin for regression of atherosclerosis

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Newsmaker, the Australian Press Release Distribution Service has published the news on “An Australian pioneering a medical breakthrough treatment that is reversing the effects of heart disease”. Mr. Hodget, the CEO of Cholrem Pty Ltd (founded in 2018) said: “I developed my own Cyclodextrin, ‘Cavadextrin’ and worked through the protocols for a treatment to save my own life”. Making a personal trial under the supervision of two medical doctors dramatic effects on blood lipid profile and liver enzymes were observed. It is claimed that “Cavadextrin can only be absorbed into the bloodstream via IV or as an enema”.

The Cholrem company is selling a one box enema formulation containing 32 tubes for 1 month’s supply if administered daily. Each tube contains 8 grams of ‘Cavadextrin’. A total of 240 grams of ‘Cavadextrin’ over a one month period is delivered. Reference to regulatory approval and official clinical trial data is not provided by all means.

Reduces cholesterol from arteries

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