Cyclodextrin-containing hard capsule of improved mechanical strength

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CAPSUGEL JAPAN INC filed a patent application which has been published recently (WO2021145296). The subject matter is a hard capsule improved in elastic modulus, breaking strength and oxygen impermeability. The hard capsule contains a cellulose derivative as a base material and also containing a mechanical strength improver (a water-soluble substance selected from the group consisting of pullulan, gum arabic, a guar gum decomposition product, glucomannan, sodium polyacrylate) and a cyclodextrin.

Alpha cyclodextrin was used in the relevant example illustrated in the application.

This invention is a unique example wherein a cyclodextrin is used in a pharmaceutical/nutraceutical product or food supplement, but not as a solubilizer, but as a structural excipient. Above the improved technical features, cyclodextrins are vegan, also available with Kosher and Halal cerificates, which makes them a good choice for developing products complying with the widest range of customer/cultural preferences.

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