Molecular lipophilic potential of cyclodextrins

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A recent review of Jicsinszky et al. (2021) gave an overview on cyclodextrins’ benefits and limitations in various antiviral drug formulations discussing also the intrinsic antiviral effect of CDs.

This review compares the molecular lipophilic potential of the most often studied CD derivatives showing the most ampiphilic character by SBECD:

Molecular lipophilic potential of HPBCD, RAMEB and SBECD (Jicsinszky et al. Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 102589,

The paper was reviewed on the Cyclodextrin News blog.

László Jicsinszky, Katia Martina, Giancarlo Cravotto (2021) Cyclodextrins in the antiviral therapy, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 64, 102589,


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