Why HPGCD is better for NPC treatment compared to HPBCD?

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Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC) is a lysosomal storage disorder with disrupted intracellular cholesterol trafficking. HP-β-CD is a cholesterol solubilizer that is being developed to treat NPC, but its ototoxicity and pulmonary toxicity remain important issues. In this work HP-γ-CD was characterized as a candidate drug to treat NPC.

The mode of interaction between HP-γ-CD and cholesterol was studied by phase-solubility analysis, proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations. Then the therapeutic superiority of HP-γ-CD was evaluated compared with HP-β-CD using cellular and murine NPC models. Mouse auditory and pulmonary function tests were also conducted.

HP-γ-CD solely formed a 1:1 inclusion complex with cholesterol with an affinity similar to that of HP-β-CD. Consistently, in vitro HP-γ-CD and HP-β-CD amelioration of NPC-related manifestations was almost equivalent at lower concentrations. However, at higher concentrations, the cholesterol inclusion mode of HP-β-CD shifted to the highly-soluble 2:1 complex while that of HP-γ-CD maintained solely the 1:1 complex. The constantly lower cholesterol solubilizing ability of HP-γ-CD conferred it with significantly reduced toxicity compared with HP-β-CD, despite no difference in efficacy in treating NPC model mice.

HP-γ-CD can serve as a fine-tuned cholesterol solubilizer for the treatment of NPC with a wider safety margin than HP-β-CD in terms of ototoxicity and pulmonary toxicity.

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