Cyclodextrin dimers to treat atherosclerotic plaques by targeting various forms of cholesterol

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SENS Research Foundation (USA, California) filed a PCT patent application (WO2020142716) that was recently published. In the invention, a new class of synthetic cyclodextrin dimers is described. Exemplary cyclodextrin dimers can treat atherosclerotic plaques by targeting various forms cholesterol both intracellularly and extracellularly. Also provided are methods of depleting atherosclerotic plaques of cholesterol, cholesterol esters, 7-ketocholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol esters by treatment with such cyclodextrins. Further described are subclasses of dimers that have high specificity for 7-ketocholesterol.

One of the inventors of the technology is Milo Malanga, senior cyclodextrin chemist of Cyclolab.


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    1. 81 year old interested. How are you taking the Cyclodextrin. Oral and dosage? Are arteries reopening, breathing easier?

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