Technological evolution of cyclodextrins in the pharmaceutical field

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Tthe evolution of CD-based pharmaceutical technologies was analyzed, using patent data as the technical source, through a text-mining approach based on the patents semantic content. In our dataset, the first-filed patent dated from the early ‘80s. During that decade, slow growth in CD patents was observed. However, the early 2000s saw very fast growth in the use of CDs for pharmaceutical applications.
The abilities of CDs to enhance the solubility and stability of drugs have determined their technological progress. Nonetheless, their abilities to modify organoleptic properties are emerging and represent a great area of opportunity. CDs are used in formulations for practically any route of administration. Although patents are majorly associated with the parenteral aqueous solutions, oral and ocular formulations are significantly growing, while nasal and pulmonary formulations seem to be promising. Of great importance was to revise patents associated with formulations for topical, transdermal, vaginal, and rectal routes. The interest on patenting these technologies seems to be neglected, however they may be hiding a great potential and represent opportunity research areas.

Patent monitoring allows the identification of relevant technologies and trends to prioritize research, development, and investment. Thus, knowledge mined from patents can be applied to foster technological innovations based on CDs or any other platform.

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Juliana Rincon-L ópez, Yara C. Almanza-Arjona, Alejandro P. Riasco, Yareli Rojas-Aguirre (2020) Technological evolution of cyclodextrins in the pharmaceutical field. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (in press)

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