Chaper 1 History of Cyclodextrins

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Chapter 1 in the new book [1] gives a historical overview on discovery, development and applications of cyclodextrins.

Since the discovery in 1891 there have been several time periods in the history of cyclodextrins. After the discovery and characterization from 1891 to 1911, there has been a period of doubt and disagreements from 1911 to 1935. Then the 1935-1950 exploration period marked by structural results was followed by period of maturation in 1950-1970. The period of use has been ongoing since 1970 and has seen cyclodextrins find many industrial applications.

In this chapter, many aspects of cyclodextrin history are recalled which are interesting for young people as well as for those who wittnessed at least parts of these periods.

Morin-Crini, N., Fourmentin, S., Fenyvesi, É., Lichtfouse, E., Torri, G. Fourmentin, M., Crini, G. (2020) History of cyclodextrins. In: Crini, G., Forurmentin, S., Lichtfouse, E. (eds.) The History of Cyclodextrins. Springer, New York. pp. 3-95.

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