Preparation of geranyl acetone and β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex and its application in cigarette flavoring

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Scientific Reports published a paper on β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) inclusion complex containing geranyl acetone as a guest prepared by saturated water solution method. Furthermore, the structure and properties of the inclusion complex were studied.

Geranyl acetone (GA), scientific name 3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadienyl acetone, is a kind of natural perfume with Magnolia fragrance. It is one of the main components of Conyza bonariensis L. (up to 25.3%), large yellow restharrow (20.3%) and field horsetail (13.7%) essential oils. Because of its fresh and light floral fragrance with slightly sweet aroma of rose, it is widely used in daily chemical flavor enhancer, food perfume fixative, and deployment of edible essence. Furthermore, GA has strong biological activity and antioxidant activity, and it is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and synthetic vitamin in medicine. GA has the ability to inhibit the growth of melanoma B-16 and leukae-mia HL-60 cell lines. GA is a white or yellowish oily liquid at room temperature and difficult to dissolve in water and volatile, so that limits its application in the food industry and medicine. Therefore, improving the water solubility and stability of GA is the key to expand its application. 

β-CD–GA, dissolved in 50% ethanol was sprayed evenly on cut tobacco with a sprayer according to 1% feed ratio (100 g cut tobacco added 1 g inclusion complex) and balanced for 48 h under the condition of constant temperature (22 ± 1) °C and constant humidity (65% relative humidity). Then cut tobacco was taken out and made into cigarettes and stored in the refrigerator. The samples were sampled every 30 days for a total of 4 times, and the smoking was evaluated by experts in order to evaluate the stability of the inclusion complex in cigarettes.

The flavor test of cigarettes showed that the inclusion compound improved the stability of geranyl acetone and the sensory quality of cigarettes. This study improves the solubility and thermal stability of geranyl acetone, and provides theoretical support and technical guidance for expanding the application of geranyl acetone.

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Du, F., Pan, T., Ji, X. et al. Study on the preparation of geranyl acetone and β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex and its application in cigarette flavoring. Sci Rep 10, 12375 (2020).

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