A Single Large Dose of Vitamin D Could be Used as a Means of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prevention and Treatment

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Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is very common in the general population as well as in patients with COVID-19. It has been shown that low Vitamin D level is associated with viral infection, and Vitamin D supplementation is beneficial for people infected with viruses, such as HIV and hepatitis C virus. Although COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, the morbidity and mortality of this disease are driven by coagulopathy. Clinical studies have shown that Vitamin D can exert anticoagulant effects. Vitamin D, a lipid-soluble vitamin, can be administered as a draught. Vitamin D supplementation is safe and has rare toxic events. In addition, the cost of Vitamin D is fairly low. Based on these observations, the authors speculate that a single dose of 300,000 IU Vitamin D may have a role in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. [1]

It has been well known for long that Vitamin D3 can be stabilized by complexing with β-cyclodextrin [2]. This complex formation improves water solubility. 13C-NMR spectra of the complex of vitamin D3 with heptakis-(2,6-di-O-methyl)-β-cyclodextrin prove that 2 rings of cyclodextrin form a capsule around 1 molecule of vitamin D3. [3] Following oral administration to rats of β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex of 3H-labeled vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) significantly higher blood radioactivity was observed than with the noncomplexed vitamin. The difference in the 1st 90 min was 2.3-2.8 fold, and it remained significantly higher up to 6 h. [4]

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