Dental Tribune on Cyclodextrins in Covid-19

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With the title “How cyclodextrins work: Five things we learned from Roquette“, Dental Tribune gives a summary on the roles cyclodextrin may play in the fight against SARS-CoV-2.

1 Cyclodextrins as solubilisers help deliver drugs

2 Cyclodextrins as antivirals actively fight viruses

3 Cyclodextrins as adjuvants boost vaccine effects

4 Cyclodextrins as excipients stabilise antibodies

5 Cyclodextrins as membrane disruptors contain infection

While cyclodextrins offer neither prevention nor cure for COVID-19, they can significantly contribute to the development of such measures. HPβCD can effectively act as an enabling excipient for solubility enhancement of antiviral drugs, for stability improvement of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and as a vaccine adjuvant. Cyclodextrins can potentially be used for infection containment or as virucidal agents after structural modification.

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