Large ring cyclodextrins in 100 mg scale

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In a recent paper of Zimmermann’s group, purification of large ring cyclodextrins was reported [1]. Reversed phase chromatography allowed to prepare CD10, CD11 and CD12 in ever largest quantity (140-155 mg each) in high purity (91-95%). This high amount of material allowed first toxicity tests. None of the three CDs showed any toxic effects on HEK 293 and MCF-7 human cell lines as expected.

The potential application of these CDs as chiral selector in capillary electrophoresis was also studied. Three racemic compounds which were not separable by the “normal-size” CDs (CD6, CD7 and CD8) were enantioseparated with acceptable resolution (Rs>1.5): Mefloquine with CD10, Carvedilol with CD11 and Primaquine both with CD10 and CD11.

The featured image is from Gotsev et al [2]


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  2. Gotsev MG, Ivanov PM, Jaime C. (2007) Molecular dynamics study of the conformational dynamics and energetics of some large-ring cyclodextrins (CDn, n = 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29). Chirality. 19(3):203-13.

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