Cyclodextrin News Year in Review 2018

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The CDNews blog was created in July and after a short period of trial it started in September. During this 4 months it was visited by nearly 3000 visitors (2944) providing 7243 views. Most of the views (2537) were from the United States, followed by Hungary (1655), Canada (512), India (239), Spain (236) and Germany (212), etc. The blog had visitors from altogether 77 countries.

Among the 91 posts published the most visited ones were:

Fraud companies infiltrating cyclodextrin business (210 views)

CDs are everywhere, even in the blog of Chancellor of Germany (119 views)

How air fresheners work? (95 views)

HPBCD can cross the Brain-Blood Barrier (87 views)

Therapeutic potential for cyclodextrin‐based macromolecular systems in NPC (82 views)

Curcumin extract stabilized by gamma-CD (82 views)

Mannose with anti-cancer effect (81 views)

FDA Approves KYPROLIS® (carfilzomib) in Combination with Dexamethasone for Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma (73 views)

NO-releasing cyclodextrins (67 views)

Manipulation of cell membrane phospholipids by methylated alpha-CD (63 views)

Special Issue of the journal Materials “Cyclodextrin-Based Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications” (60 views)

HPBCD treatment for Niemann-Pick C: Mallinckrodt communicated results of clinical trial (59 views)

Deadlines for EuroCD2019 (56 views)

Bridging cyclodextrin to transfect siRNA (56 views)

Cyclodextrins involved in clinical trials to start (54 views)

Allergic Eye treatment with Cyclodextrins (54 views)

New Clinical Trial for Efficacy and Safety of Sugammadex in 0-2 Years Old Children (50 views)

Cyclodextrin. A Versatile Ingredient (50 views)


The number of followers is increasing slowly. People can follow the blog via social media, such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.


We hope that 2019 continues these trends and wish you a Happy New Year!



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