Cyclodextrins in biodiesel production

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The shortage in fossil fuels accelerated the research in production of biodiesebiodiesell.

Biodiesel is typically produced by transesterification of vegetable oils with an alcohol, usually methanol, to yield fatty acid alkyl (methyl) esthers (FAMEs) and glycerol by using an appropriate catalyst. The procedure can be catalyzed either by chemical catalysts or by enzymes (lipase). The lipase-catalyzed biodiesel production is considered to be more environmentally friendly than the chemically catalyzed reactions.

Cyclodextrins can act in these transesterification reactions

  • as catalyst;
  • as raw material for producing carbonaceous material to be used as catalyst;
  • by stabilizing the chemical catalyst;
  • by stabilizing the enzyme.

The table below gives a list of applications of CDs in biodiesel production.


Raw material Catalyst Conversion rate Reference
CD as catalyst
free fatty acids 6-O-(sulfobutyl) β-CD 91–98% [1]
CD as raw material for carbonization
oils with high free fatty acid content hydrothermally carbonized and sulfonated β-CD 80% [2]
waste cooking oil sulfonated carbon produced by hydrothermal carbonization of β-CD 89.5% [3]
CD for stabilizing chemical catalyst
vegetable oil (Xanthium sibricum) Mg(NO3)2 complexed by α- or β-CD 85–87% [4]
Xanthium sibricum Patr oil CuSO4 β-CD hybrid 88.6% [5]
waste cooking oil CsPW/bridged bis-cyclodextrin* 96.9% [6]
oleic acid Mo/MCM-41- β-CD 95% [7]
Jatropha sarcass L. seed crude oil β-CD-Fe3O4 magnetic-Brønsted acidic ionic liquid 94.1% [8]
Xanthium sibricum Patr oil β-CD-containing ionic liquid [9]
CD for stabilizing enzyme
waste cooking oil lipase + β-CD 71–88% [10]
palm oil lipase + α-CD co-lyophilized 84–88% [11]

*CsPW: cesium salt of 12-tungstophosphoric acid: Cs2.5H0.5PW12O40

**Mo/MCM-4 mesoporous molecular sieve with Mo ions



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