Sweets for Christmas

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This is the season for sweets. We looked around on internet to see sweets containing cyclodextrins. See below some examples.


   Chocolate Negro Amargo Más, White chocolate and Fairy Dust (strawberry) ice creams with α-CD, products of Fugar Produzione (Italy). These are ice cream powders containing alpha-cyclodextrin as vegetable fiber.


The chocolate bar (ApriSweet) contains alpha-cyclodextrin as fiber claimed to bind fat and this way control the body weight.



sweet3Café Noir (Delacre) Belgian biscuits contain α-cyclodextrin as thickener, while Power Snacks (Navitas Organics) contains it as soluble fiber to contribute to the nutritional values of chia seeds, unsaturated fatty acids and honey.


sweet4 α-cyclodextrin can replace gelatin because of its excellent emulsifying and texturizing properties. Together with α-cyclodextrin healthy vegetable oils can be whipped into creams (Wacker Chemie, Germany).


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