New books on cyclodextrins

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Three new books on various aspects of cyclodextrin research and applications have been recently published.

1. Cyclodextrin Fundamentals, Reactivity and Analysis (Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World: 16), editors: S. Fourmentin, G. Crini, E. Lichtfouse, E., Springer

This publication is part of the Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World book series and contains chapters on Fundamentals and Applications of Cyclodextrins, Synthesis of Cyclodextrin Derivatives, Cyclodextrins and Nanostructured Porous Inorganic Materials, Thermal Analyses of Cyclodextrin Complexes and Measuring Binding Constants of Cyclodextrin Inclusion Compounds authored by well-known experts from academia and industry.


2. Cyclodextrin Applications in Medicine, Food, Environment and Liquid Crystals (Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World: 17), editors: E. Lichtfouse, S. Fourmentin, G. Crini, Springer

This book contains chapters as reviews on topics such as Cyclodextrin-Based Carriers for Delivery of Dietary Phytochemicals, Cyclodextrin-Steroid Interactions and Applications to Pharmaceuticals, Food, Biotechnology and Environment, Cyclodextrin-Based Nanosystems in Targeted Cancer Therapy, Cyclodextrins for Essential Oils Applications, Chemosensors for Water Contaminants Based on Chromophore-Appended Cyclodextrins, Silica Materials Containing Cyclodextrin for Pollutant Removal and Supramolecular Liquid Crystals Based on Cyclodextrins


3. Cyclodextrin, a Versatile Ingredient, editors: P. Arora & N. Dhingra, IntechOpen

The book is devoted to the highly versatile and potential ingredient Cyclodextrin, a family of cyclic oligosaccharides composed of alpha-(1,4)-linked glucopyranose subunits. Its molecular complexation phenomena and negligible cytotoxic effects attribute toward its application such as in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agriculture, textile, separation process, analytical methods, catalysis, environment protection, and diagnostics. Efforts have also been made to concentrate on recent research outcomes along with future prospects of cyclodextrins to attract the interest of scientists from the industry and academia.Book1Book2

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