Technical training on cyclodextrin formulations – survey

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Dear Colleagues,

According to recent communications with some of our partners, we believe that there is potential interest in hosting a 2-day technical training, focusing on applications of cyclodextrins in “common” formulations (similar to products already on the market) and more complex drug delivery systems (innovative applications). This would include techniques on how to make such products, how to properly analyze them, case studies and troubleshooting as well.

We would like to run a quick survey to see if this is indeed a viable idea and if so, we would be happy to organize the event in Hungary during Spring 2020. Please, let us know your feedback. Would you or your team members be interested in participating in such an event?

Please respond simply with a yes to the post of to if you are interested to learn more. Thank you for your cooperation, it is highly appreciated.

Kind regards, Cyclolab Team

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