Cyclodextrins in soft drinks

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CDs are widely studied as suitable components of several beverages either to improve the taste or to enhance the stability and bioavailability of bioactive components, such as vitamins, antioxidants, etc., to enhance the solubility and efficacy of preservatives, to reduce browning, to obtain instant drink powders of stabilized components, etc.. The versatile applications justify the high number of patents/patent applications in the field (390 in Espacenet on June 4, 2019). Some of the latest examples are listed below.

Complexation of preservative

Beverage preservative systems, such as pimaricin/BCD complex comprising a natural antimicrobial compound (pimaricin), have been patented [1]. The role of CD is to enhance the solubility in order to avoid precipitation from the drink. In other cases CD can replace preservatives: no need of preservative agents when the active compounds/flavor components are stabilized by complexation.

Stabilization of aroma

BCD was described for stabilizing various aromas and flavoring components, e.g.

  • hop extract and hop-flavdrink1ored beverages [2]
  • noni extract [3]
  • citral to avoid off-taste due to citral decomposition [4]

Complexation of bioactive components in health beverages

The aim of complexation is solubilization and stabilization of bioactive components. For instance, pyrroloquinoline quinone (a redox co-factor found in kiwifruit and breast milk) has improved stability and bioavailability when complexed with GCD [5], its precipitation from beverages can be avoided [6]. Further examples:

  • CD-solubilized resveratrol to improve immunity [7]fruits
  • Complexation of black current anthocyanins for relieving peri-menopausal syndromes [8]
  • CD-solubilized flavonoids [9]
  • CD-solubilized plant phytosterols in health beverages [10]

Odor and taste improvement

Odor and taste improvement is a classical application of CD complexation in foods and beverages:

  • Odor-free ω-3 fatty acid beverage prepared from algal oil [11]
  • Debittering of peanut protein beverage by BCD [12]
  • Water-soluble royal jelly of improved taste [13]
  • Preparation of Curcuma longa extract of reduced bitterness [14]

Unfortunately, there are no statistics on how many CD-containing beverages are produced and marketed. The Biofix products containing alpha-CD as one of the active ingredients (soluble fiber), are shown here. If you know such products, please, inform us.



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