Workshop on Cyclodextrins, Turin 2023

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The Italian Association of Chemistry and Cyclodextrin Technology, with The Department of Chemistry of the University of Turin is organizing a Workshop on “The Chemistry and Advanced Applications of Cyclodextrin Monomers and Polymers in Environmental, Industrial, Pharma, and Agro-Food” for the 20th of October, 2023, in Turin (Italy).
In this workshop, we will dive into the chemistry and advanced applications of cyclodextrins, unlocking their immense potential in environmental science, industrial processes, pharmaceuticals, and agro-food industries.
🎯 Date: 20th October, 2023 📍 Location: Turin, Italy
💻 Possibility to online attendance!

During this engaging event, you will:

1. Gain insights into the fundamental chemistry and synthesis of cyclodextrin monomers and polymers.

2. Learn about the preparation and characterization of inclusion complexes from different points of view.

3. Explore the applications of cyclodextrins in environmental science, from pollutant removal to water treatment and soil remediation.

4. Delve into their industrial applications, including separation processes, encapsulation technologies, catalysis, and material sciences.

5. Discover how cyclodextrins are revolutionizing the pharmaceutical field, enhancing drug delivery systems, solubility, and formulation development.

6. Unveil their pivotal role in the agro-food industry, such as food preservation, flavor encapsulation, and nutrient delivery.

This workshop is a unique opportunity to connect with experts, academics, and industry professionals in the cyclodextrin research community. Engage in thought-provoking presentations, participate in interactive discussions, and expand your professional network.

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