Fruit inducer cyclodextrin complex produce edible mushroom

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Stropharia rugosoannulata is also called as red tricholoma matsutake or rugosoannulata is one of ten mushroom types in the international mushroom trading market.
Commercial mushrooms are typically cultivated in fields or forest environments using raw materials or fermentation materials. However, the process of mushroom picking is often faced the challenge of potential soil contamination, which can negatively impact the grade and marketability of the mushrooms.

To avoid soil contaminants soil-free cultivation techniques can be used. The patent covers soil-free fruiting inducer for the abovementioned mushroom which is composed of two solutions. One of them contains triacontanol-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complex which is a growth stimulant and the other solution contains among others methyl jasmonate fruit ripener, water soluble fertilizer, biotin and adenine. The mixtures are incorporated into a cultivation substrate primarily composed of corn cobs, and subsequently subjected to varying storage conditions until the crops reach maturity.

The soil-free cultivation technique offers labor and cost savings for field and factory production.

To address technical challenges, the invention provides a comprehensive elucidation of the soil-free cultivation methodology, accompanied by a detailed account of the preparation method for the triacontanol-cyclodextrin inclusion solution.

ZHANG CHAOJUN; CHEN ZHILIN; WEN LINHONG; LI YURONG: Stropharia rugoso-annulata uncovered fruiting inducer and preparation method thereof. Chinese Patent CN115868493 (A) ― 2023-03-31

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