2022 end-of-year statistics

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The biggest event of 2022 for cyclodextrin researchers was the long-expected 20th International Cyclodextrin Symposium (ICS 2020) on 13-17 June. The about 160 participants agreed on the importance of the personal meetings and discussions. The symposium gave this opportunity after 2-year delay due to the pandemic.

For students and young scientists it was also important the 5th International Summer School on Cyclodextrins held from 4th to 7th of September in Ascea, Italy. Broad range of scientists, professors, industrial experts and students from all around the world gathered to teach the participants about the latest advances of cyclodextrin chemistry and applications.

The Cyclodextrin News blog published 274 posts in 2022. The 201 subscribers and 300 followers through social media are regularly informed on the latest posts. The 18725 visitors of blog posts with 42075 views slightly exceeded the numbers of the previous year (18020 and 40359, resp.).

The top 5 posts were:

Practical Considerations about the Cyclodextrin Solubilities – A Quickstart Guide for Newbies (posted by L. Jicsinszky in 2019, obtained 700 views in 2022 and total 1153 views)

Lanosterol eye drops for cataract treatment (posted by I. Puskás in 2022, obtained 661 views)

How air fresheners work? (posted by É. Fenyvesi in 2018, 632 views in 2022 and total 1600 views)

Pilocarpine eye drops (Vuity) (posted by L. Szente in 2021, 526 views in 2022 and total 618 views)

GRAS status of CD derivatives (posted by L. Szente in 2021, 521 views in 2022 and total 562 views)

The figure shows the statistics according to countries.

The number of clicks to the posts of the Cyclodextrin news blog according to countries in 2022

We hope to keep your interest also in 2023, and

wish you a safe and happy new year!

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