5th International Summer School on Cyclodextrins

The 5th International Summer School on Cyclodextrins was held from 4th to 7th of September 2022 in Ascea, Italy. Broad range of scientists, professors, industrial experts and students from all around the world gathered to learn about the latest advances of cyclodextrin chemistry and applications.

First of all, along with participants from CycloLab, we would like to thank Professor Francesco Trotta (University of Torino) for organizing this magnificent event.

The venue was located on the hills of Ascea, in the De Dominicis-Ricci Palace built in the 18th century, a beautiful building with astonishing view on the neighborhood and the Tyrrhenian Sea. First, the students listened to a comprehensive lecture about the basics and evolution of the marketed cyclodextrins by Kim Lambertsen Larsen (Aalborg University, Denmark). The topics of the following lectures were mostly about the uses of cyclodextrins in nanotechnology, such as the synthesis and application of nanoparticles, nanosponges and other nano-assemblies. Lajos Szente (co-founder of CycloLab) talked about the history and regulatory aspects of cyclodextrins, professor Thorstein Loftsson (University of Iceland) presented their applications in ophthalmic delivery and the students learned the importance of thermo-analytical methods during the analysis of cyclodextrin complexes by Milena Sorrenti (University of Pavia) as well. Other interesting topics were about the use of cyclodextrins in gene therapies, in photo- and electrochemistry and some practical formulation approaches with case studies presented by Carmen Popescu (Roquette). For the full list of teachers, please visit the official site at https://www.isscd2022.it/speakers/.

The flash communications sections at the end of each day offered 5 minutes for PhD students to present their latest researches/articles. On the final day of the school the jury, including Prof. Francesco Trotta, Prof. Fabiana Quaglia (University of Napoli) and Prof. Andrea Mele (Politecnico di Milano) rewarded the best presenters. There was room for open discussions, which turned out to be a great success, the students were able to ask questions on which the experts reflected very gladly.

The participants were accommodated on the beach in Ascea Marina, where everyone could spend their free time as they desired. There were options for renting bicycles to ride around the vicinity, visiting the old Veila ruins or just enjoying a drink on the beach. In the evenings participants had the opportunity to enjoy the famous Italian gastronomy with special sea foods, pastas and pizzas organized at the best restaurants in the town. For the students one of the most extraordinary experience was swimming in the sea together with scientists, whom they have only read, cited or heard about before.

Our Team returned home full of inspiration, fresh knowledge and experiences from this very instructive summer school. Thanks to the organizers for this successful event and for the interesting and inspiring presentations!

See you at Budapest, 2023!

Co-authors: Dominika Herr, Péter Soma Szakály, Zoltán Fülöp

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