Special Issue “Carbohydrate-Based Carriers for Drug Delivery”

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Chitosan, cyclodextrin, alginate, gellan, xanthan gum, cellulose, dextran, pullulan, etc., are some of the most well-known carbohydrate carriers in drug delivery. By protecting the structural integrity of the drug and proving hydrophilic properties, these carriers can modulate undesirable biological properties in drugs as well as their solubility and release profile.

Carbohydrates can improve drug delivery due to their ability to selectively bind to protein receptors, thus increasing drug targeting. They also have the advantages of nontoxicity, biodegradability, good biocompatibility and increased encapsulation stability.

In recent years, carbohydrate-based drug delivery systems have been developed and improved, with their use being of great interest to researchers for the treatment of inflammation, cancer, infections, chronic wounds, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

This Special Issue will focus on current advances in carbohydrate-based carriers and their applications in drug delivery.

Guest Editors

Dr. Ioana Mirela Vasincu
Dr. Florentina Lupascu
Dr. Maria Apotrosoaei
Prof. Dr. Lenuta Profire

A special issue of Pharmaceutics (ISSN 1999-4923). This special issue belongs to the section “Drug Delivery and Controlled Release“.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2022

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