The Effect of Cyclodextrins in Cholesterol and Ganglioside Depletion in Rat Brain Synaptosomes

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In this recently published article, the effect of four cyclodextrin derivatives on cholesterol and ganglioside depletion was investigated:  two alpha derivatives (hydroxypropylated (HPACD) and random methylated (RAMEA)) and two beta derivatives (hydroxypropylated (HPBCD) and „specifically” methylated (DIMEB)) were tested in rat brain synaptosomes.

Selective concentration range for cholesterol depletion was only found with HPBCD, but not with DIMEB. Selective depletion of gangliosides was achieved by both RAMEA and HPACD.

Besides these tests, viability, membrane integrity and basal and evoked glutamate release were also tested. The results showed that ganglioside, but not cholesterol depletion, interfered with stimulated glutamate release from the rat brain synaptosomes.

Considering these results further investigations are needed to explore the exact roles of gangliosides in neurotransmitter release and the influence of other cyclodextrin derivatives in gangliosides depletion.

What do you think what other derivatives could deplete gangliosides?


Geda, O.; Tábi, T.; Lakatos, P.P.; Szökő, É. Differential Ganglioside and Cholesterol Depletion by Various Cyclodextrin Derivatives and Their Effect on Synaptosomal Glutamate Release. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 202223, 9460. (cover image)

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