Results of the survey at the CycloLab’s webinar on “Cyclodextrins as active ingredients in the 21st century”

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During the webinar of CycloLab “Cyclodextrins as active ingredients in the 21st century” held on Oct. 11, 2021, the participants could answer to some questions. The results of the survey are shown below.

The participants believe that the next CD applied as a drug will be used in anticancer therapy or for the CNS diseases. Surprisingly, the polymers (nanosponges) are anticipated to be the next CD derivatives to be applied as APIs. Concerning the approval it seems to be an easier way to find new indications for Sugammadex or SBECD. The intraveneous administration seems to be more feasible than the other administration routes. The main obstacles in product development are the problems related to pharmacokinetic profiling of CDs and biological assays.

The participants think that the main reason behind the success of Sugammadex (first cyclodextrin-based API) is its superior performance compared to alternatives and the novel mechanism of action. The next question was a quiz: how many follow up PCT patent applications were filed and published until today for Sugammadex (related to synthesis, purification and physical characteristics)? The right answer is 28.

There were two questions on the sysnthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives. The most of the participants think that acetyl is the best protecting group and halogeno-CDs are the best intermediates in the synthesis of various CD derivatives.

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