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Published compilation of the list of approved cyclodextrin-containing drug products

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A group of researchers at CycloLab continuously follow the new drug composition approvals especially those benefiting the use of cyclodextrins. Based on these searches, an in-house list was compiled containing 129 entries and occasionally distributed to customers on request. This list was considered worth further disseminated, consequently it was transformed into a scientific style paper. A Hungarian open access journal, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering accepted the manuscript and hosts the paper under the following link:

The authors of the article hope that this compilation will be useful for students, researchers and industrial users who wish to have deeper insight into the versatile use of cyclodextrins in drug products and demonstrate the potential of these carbohydrates in medicine. The paper might be referenced as:

Puskás, I., Szente, L., Szőcs, L., Fenyvesi, É. “Recent List of Cyclodextrin-Containing Drug Products”, Periodica Polytechnica Chemical Engineering, 2023, 67, 11-17.

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