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BioJapan is Asia’s premier hyrid partnering event held on October 13–15, 2021 in Yokohama, Japan.

This event is consituted by three exhibitions –

1. The world’s oldest biotechnology exhibition “BioJapan” (1986-), 

2. “Regenerative Medicine JAPAN” (2016-), aiming to accelerate and industrialize R&D in the field of regenerative medicine including iPS cells, and

3.”health TECH JAPAN“(2020-), provides fusion of digital technology and life science.


A place for free communication at the booth inside the venue


Inviting top researchers and companies that are attracting attention in the industry to provide one-stop information on cutting-edge technology, the latest information, and industry trends. Approximately 200 seminars by the organizer and presentations by the exhibitors will be held.


The system automatically sets 1 on 1 meetings including the date, time and place, and efficient and pinpoint business negotiations can be set. In addition to buying and selling goods, we will realize a wide range of business negotiations, from searching for partners, strengthening collaboration, and out-licensing assets.

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