Clinical Application of Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy

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Cytokines are key components of the immune system and play pivotal roles in anticancer immune response. Cytokines as either therapeutic agents or targets hold clinical promise for cancer precise treatment. The authors provided an overview of the various roles of cytokines in the cancer immunity cycle, with a particular focus on the clinical researches of cytokine-based drugs in cancer therapy. As much as 27 cytokines are reviewed in 2630 cancer clinical trials registered with that had completed recruitment up to January 2021 while summarizing important cases for each cytokine. Recent progress in methods for improving the delivery efficiency, stability, biocompatibility, and availability of cytokines in therapeutic applications are discussed.

The table below summarizes the nanoparticle formulations published so far. The field seems to be unexplored by the cyclodextrin researchers although the advantages of protein formulations by CDs are well known.

Qiu Y, Su M, Liu L, Tang Y, Pan Y, Sun J (2021) Clinical Application of Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy. Drug Design, Development and Therapy 15, 2269—2287. DOI


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