The talks of webinar “Meet the Experts: Applications of Cyclodextrins in the Pharma Industries” on youtube

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The webinar held on Apr. 15-16, 2021 and organized by Cyclolab received wide attantion. It was in the afternoon Central European Time, too late for those in the far east and to early for those in America. Now, it is possible to listen the talks whenever it is convenient.

The list of lectures:

DAY 1 – Cyclodextrins as excipients

  1. Tamás Sohajda: Opening remarks
  2. Lajos Szente: Historical outlook on the evolution of cyclodextrins – how could they become the key pharma ingredients they are today?
  3. Éva Fenyvesi: Examples on the pharmaceutical uses of cyclodextrins – a selection of administration routes and dosage forms
  4. Zoltán Fülöp: How to prepare cyclodextrin complexes? – a technical tutorial based on case studies
  5. István Puskás: Novel approaches of using cyclodextrins – an outlook beyond the binary systems
    Moderator – Tamás Sohajda

DAY 2 – Back-office of the formulation lab

  1. Milo Malanga, Tamás Nemcsok: In the making of a cyclodextrin – step by step narrated guidance of creating a new derivative
  2. Gábor Benkovics: How can I see them? – Analytical challenges of characterizing cyclodextrins
  3. Gábor Benkovics: Can this be even more complicated? – what if the cyclodextrin is an API candidate?
  4. Tamás Sohajda: Cyclodextrins in 2020 – their contribution to the fight against Covid-19 and further antiviral perspectives
  5. Lajos Szente: Closing remarks
    Moderator – Levente Szőcs

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